How to make a pen gun ( easy )

If you are interested in making a pen gun, then you have come to the correct place, In this guide I will teach you the easiest most effect way to make a powerful pen gun that shoots very far, accurate, and powerfully.

There are to parts to this guide on how to make a pen gun, 1 a Video guide teaching you to make a pen gun, that shoots paper bullets / balls.  2 A word guide teaching you a easier, faster method to make a powerful pen gun.

A few things you will need to make both of these methods of pen guns...
1. A pen. 2. Paper. 3. Scissors. 4. elastic. 5. a plastic or metal BB.

Once you have collected everything from around the house, you are ready to make a great pen gun...

To learn how to make a pen gun, you can watch the video on how to make a pen gun below, or skip it and read the text guide.

If you have chose to learn how to make a pen gun using the text guide, then continue reading, and I will teach you how to make a pen gun, easy.

Step 1.  Take a cheap or inexpensive pen, and remove the cap, and the ink cartridge, then remove the tip.

Step 2.  Once that is done, take the pen and use scissors, or an exacto knife, and cut even slits down two sides of the pen ( that line up ) about 85-90 % to the end.

Step 3.  Now take an elastic(s) and glue it to the end of the pen near the side that does not have slits on it, so it can be pulled back and let fly down the slits.

Step 4.  Get a bb / other object to fire, place it in-front of the elastic, and let the elastic fly !!

You have now successfully created an amazing pen gun, this should work great for a while, then you will need to replace the elastic.

Enjoy your pen gun, and I hope that I have taught you as great method on how to make a pen gun, or well 2 methods.

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