How To Make Your Laptop Battery Last Longer

Have you ever wondered why your laptop battery is not lasting as long as it should? the companies may claim the battery will last 6-9 or even 12 hours, but you have noticed that your laptops battery is lasting half that at best...  Well there are a few reasons for that, And I can help you in making the battery last way longer then you ever have had it last before.

But first off I want to explain to you why your laptop battery wont last as long as the companies claim, and why they are lying about battery life, afterword's I will explain the how to behind making your battery last to, or close to its full potential.

The reason why your battery is not lasting half as long as you want it to is simply one of the following ( Or More ):

A.  Your laptop has been charged more then once, after each charge of your laptop battery you will notice a decline in the length the battery will last, so this may be one reason your laptop battery is not lasting as long or longer then it should.

B.  You are gaming, video editing, or using a high requirements program,  The companies are claiming there battery will last as long as 6 hours, if all your doing is light stuff like browsing the web, not gaming, this causes your battery life to shorten greatly, The use off graphics cards runs through battery power like crazy.

C.  You have the screen settings to too bright, and or you are using the back-lit laptops keyboard, oviously as we all know, to power a flashlight it takes battery power, so why would your laptop be different?  The higher the screen lighting is, the more battery power being used, causing the battery life to be shorter. same goes for the back-lit keyboard on your laptop.

How You Can Fix These Problems and have your laptop batter last longer:

Now im going to teach you a few simple things you can do to have your laptop battery live up to it full potential.

A.  There is just about nothing you can do about your laptop being charged more then once, each time you charge your laptop the battery life will grow a small amount shorter, but this is not a major issue, it should not effect your laptop battery life until a few years down the road.

B. If you are using high requirements programs, such as gaming, video editing, etc, you will want to make sure you have an "Energy Efficient Graphics card" This will allow your battery to last longer then it usually does.

C. Try turning the lighting on your laptop down, don't go so dark so you cant see, but maybe it doesn't need to be so bright, this will definitely help you keep your laptop battery lasting longer then ever.
Also make sure not to use the back-lit keyboard more then necessary.

One more tip to help your laptop batter last longer, is simple, buy a battery with 2 x the battery life of what you really want, it will be worth it in the end, now for some its too late, consider upgrading your laptop battery.

You Have Just learned how to make your laptop battery last longer, please share, and check out some other posts, thanks.

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