How to make a firecracker

Hey there, so you want to learn how to make a firecracker? well today I am going to teach you one of the best methods of making a great firecracker at home, this is a homemade fire cracker. 

Before we get started I have to give you a warning making a firecracker in your home can be dangerous, this is why i suggest safety glasses / goggles and gloves, in-case the fire cracker explodes.

A few safety cautions for you when making a homemade firecracker is...
1. Make the firecracker outdoors if possible.
2. wear glasses and gloves at all time to protect you if the firecracker explodes.
3. pay attention to what you are doing to prevent an accident well learning how to make a homemade firecracker.

Now that where ready to get started on making a homemade firecracker with paper, then read on, and you will learn some great methods.

A few things you will need to make a big firecracker are...

1. Paper ( this will help you make a firecracker )
2. tape. ( scotch tape is best to make a firecracker. )
3. you will need gun powder. ( this is the hardest to obtain, but often not that difficult and in most places legal.)
4.  You will need a fuse to make a firecracker.

Most of the items listed above, necessary to make a great bug firecracker ( or small :P ) are household materials / items, some will be harder to find.

Now before we get started I want you to release this is a firecracker and not a bomb, its not going to explode a building, so its not a bomb, but merely a firecracker with a small boom.

you may be asking is this a Chinese firecracker? well its this simple do you live in china? haha then yes its now a Chinese firecracker, otherwise its not a Chinese firecracker.

If you really want you can probably even shoot this firecracker out of a cannon, but im sure thats not safe.


Okay so im finally going to teach you how to make a great firecracker, so lets begin.

step 1. Take the piece of paper, and cut it to the size you want your firecracker to be, lengthwise, ( but the width should be no more then 1 inch long no matter what )  Also make sure you have enough gun powder to make the firecracker.

Step 2.  Lay gun powder along the paper lengthwise and lay it so it is covering 1/4 of the width.

Step 3:  lay your fuse on-top or in the gunpowder. ( all the way lengthwise to 3/4 the way.

Step 4: Roll the paper around the gunpowder as tight as you possibly can, ( the tighter the better it will work. )  Then tape it. to make a firecracker out of household items ( congrats you are done !!! )

Check out this video on how to make a firecracker out of household items.

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