Amazing Magic Card Trick - Super Card Prediction

Amazing Magic Card Trick - Super Card Prediction...
The trick depends upon a special move take any pack hold it firmly at the inner left corner between the thumb an the first an second finger press downward to the left forcibly with the thumb and the pack of cards will break cleanly at some point. Close the pack of cards you are using for this magic trick, and repeat the action, the pack of cards will break at the same point. If the pack of cars you are using for this amazing magic trick breaks at a different spot, you need to use more pressure.

To apply this principle to a trick, and make this look like a real amazing magic card trick: borrow a deck of cards from a player after having it well shuffled, ask the spectator to take out a pencil and paper and and under cover of them doing this test the pack for a break as above; cut if necessary to bring it at a point about one third of the way to the bottom, after glimpsing the index of the card at the bottom of the portion that slides write this card on the paper, fold the slip and hand it to the spectator Give him the top card and, holding the pack in position for the sliding move, call attention to its being squared perfectly and show all sides, Tell the spectator to thrust the card into the pack, face up, anywhere he/she pleases, but you take care it goes under the natural break. Now move the inserted card so that is protrudes diagonally from the corner opposite your left thumb. Raise the pack of cards with the left hand till it is upright, make the "Slide" motion pushing the upper portion an inch to the right at the same moment seize this packet and the inserted card with the right hand, and draw them away. The bottom card of the apcket is shown and your prediction read, the coincide.

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