Amazing Magic Card Trick - WTF - For Beginners

Amazing Magic Card Trick - WTF - For Beginners

Hey there guys today I am going to teach you an amazing magic card trick, this trick will blow your mind, that is why I called It WTF, I hope you enjoy
This amazing magic trick.

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What you will need to perform this magic card trick:

1. A 52 card deck, must be 52 not anything else.

2. A person capable of basic math skills.

Once you have your deck of amazing cards to perform this magic trick ( WTF ) I will now teach you how to do it.

Step one. Hand the deck of cards to the person you are performing this great magic trick on, let that person shuffle the cards as much as they want, and cut the cards as much as they want ( For this amazing card trick for beginners it does not matter. )

Step two. Once the participant has handed you back the deck of cards this is were you ( the magician ) begin your magic trick.
What you need to do is take cards from the top of the deck, and place them face up in a pile on the table for everyone to see.

Well you are doing this remember the Seventh card you place face up, and keep counting, all the way until you have placed 26 cards from the deck face up on the table in front of you.

Step three. Next what you need to do, well still remembering the seventh card ( so you can perform this amazing magic card trick properly ) take the pile of 26 cards and place them on the bottom of the deck.

Step four. Now you need to lay 3 ( three ) cards face up on the table in front of your audience, (remember this is a math magic trick, that can be done by beginners)

If the 3 cards are all face value cards or 10 ( ten ) of any suit, you can skip the next step.

Step five. Make all the cards on the table other then ace king queen jack and ten, into a ten value for example if you had an 8 you would place 2 cards face down. for this trick.

Step Six, tell the person you can guess what the x ( number value of all cards face up ) will be, eg, the 26 card will be a 5 of diamonds, or something.

Enjoy blowing your friends minds with this amazing magic card trick wtf for beginners :)


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  2. I love to see magic by card. Magic's are really unbelievable but it's only a tricks. It's easy to him who can do this. But who don't know, its really a great difficulties to him. Thanks for your card tricks.
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  3. Amazing post. I always amazed by the magician how they they do those magic. Now i trying to know magic tricks. And i have got some simple magic tricks here.Thanks to share this post.

  4. Interesting stuff...
    I am looking for the tricks which are done through glass and ribbon.
    Well this is also very good effort, I have learnt many things out of it. If you have any other site related to Magic tricks for beginners please let me know....

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