How to make a smoke bomb - Easy

How to make a smoke bomb - Easy

How to make a smoke bomb - Easy

hey guys here is the best and easiest ( simplest ) way to make a great smoke bomb, using household ingredients, such as ping pong balls, tinfoil, and
a straw, this is the worlds best smoke bomb, and it works great. it can be made with (without) ping pong balls, and you do not need salt peter.
this is a reasonably safe smoke bomb, the smoke is somewwhat toxic, as for a fire hazerd very minimal with this smoke bomb, just make sure to have a
bucket of water for safety. and avoid breathing in the smoke.

this great smoke bomb will show you how easy it is to make a smoke bomb, and how amazing it works, estimated coast for this is about 25-50 cents per
smoke bomb, depending were you get the ping pong balls, but it works great!!

This smoke bomb is not made with sugar and salt, but works better then smokers made with sugar and salt.

other smoke bombs are made with paper or news paper, wich are great ideas, but this one smokes from pingpong balls.

another smoke bomb can be made with tennis balls, but this one works better without, also you can use matche to make this, but match heads work better,

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