Macbook Pro 15 unboxing - I5 - 2010 - Review

Macbook Pro 15 unboxing - I5 - 2010 - Review

Hey guys this is my brand new macbook pro 15 inch computer unboxing video, with a mini review. ( un boxing ) I decided on the 15 inch over the 13 and 17 cause I thought it was a good balance for a notebook laptop of weight, and screen size.
The macbook pro 15 that I unboxed is about 5-6 pounds, very portable.
With the macs you have an option between I5 and I7 processor's, I went for the middle model.

This macbook pro has a unibody design with a great graphics card a battery that lasts 5-9 hours, 4gb ram 500gb hard drive 7200 rpm instead of the 5400rpm better for video editing.

Not I personally do not have a preference over mac and PC, I use both, but let me know which you prefer in the comments below. (mac vs pc ) I think both laptop computers have different uses.

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