Backyard Ice Rink ( How to build )

Wanting to learn how to build a great, simple backyard Ice Rink, well Ive got a great method that will work on almost any sized backyard, and is made at a low coast, low budget backyard Ice rink.

You will only need a few things to make this backyard Ice Rink....

1.  A few 2 by fours, or other wood, depending on the size of your backyard ice rink.

2.  A lot of water, and a quick way to get it to your backyard ice rink.

3. a large sheet of plastic or a tarp.

4.  Some willing people who are not afraid to do a little work, make sure they know what they will get out of the deal ( access to a great ice rink, to skate, play hockey, or just have fun.
 To make a great easy simple backyard ice rink, I now want you to measure the dimensions of your soon to be backyard ice rink,  Take the Length and the width of what you want to be your ice rink, and multiply it by two.   This measurement will tell you how much wood you will need for your ice rink, all you need is a simple thin long wood that will be the borders to your backyard ice rink, once you have the wood you are ready to move on.

Next lay the plastic down on the spot you want your ice rink to be.  Now you will want to place the wood at the edge of the plastic / tarp, and hammer it about 1 inch into the ground, make sure you have at lease 2+ inches of the ground of wood.   Now that the wood is solidly placed where your backyard skating rink will be, you need to start filling the rink with water, to make it an ice rink, you will want approximately 1 inch deep of water.

leave the water for up to 3 days depending on how cold it is outside, at the end of the process you should have a functional ice rink ready to skate play hockey, or do what ever.

So a little persistence, know how, and work has payed off, hopefully you are enjoying a great ice rink, and well you learned something in the process, enjoy.

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