How to make an airsoft grenade

Today I will teach you a simple but extremely effective way to make a great airsoft grenade.  This is great for thous times where you can see the person but you know where they are, and airsoft grenade ads a hole new dimension to airsofting with your friends, or anyone.  Allot of the methods to make airsoft grenades out there, are well dangerous, they require explosives, or firecrackers, But in this method I will teach you how to make an airsoft grenade without explosives, and without firecrackers, so it is safe, and fun.

Now lets start out with what you will need to make this great airsoft grenade...

1.  You will need a small cartridge of Compressed air, or CO2, ( this is necessary because to create a grenade you need something that will Make the small airsoft bbs fly. ) Keep in mind the Co2 needs to be in something that will break on impact, not a solid metal device.

2.  You will Need a good amount of airsoft pellets.

3. Finally you will need some Tape to help make the airsoft grenade.

Once you have gathered all the items required to make an airsoft grenade, Im now going to teach you how to put them together.

First off take the cartilage that you have with CO2 In it it should be reasonably small, asses the size of it and measure out enough tape to cover 60& of the cartridge ( approximately ) this will allow for a successful BOOM from the airsoft grenade.

Now that this tape is measured out lay it non sticky side down, then stat laying airsoft BBS a small distance apart from one another all over the tape, once you are done, tape this to the CO2 to create your airsoft grenade.

See I tought you how to make an airsoft grenade without explosives, or firecrackers.  Have fun and be safe.

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  1. doesnt sound like it works but it kinda does
    u can also use helium and it will rise up run out then fall down and explode which is really cool u should make tutorial on that one too


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