How to make a paper boat that floats

Today Is a guide on how to make a paper boat, one that floats great, and moves fast.  Making a paper boat is very simple so lets get started, to make a paper boat you will need...

1. Paper,

2. Scissors,

3. tape.

Once you have what you need to make a great paper boat that floats, we can move on.

So keep reading to learn how to make the best paper boat...

You can simply watch the video below, and see / learn the simplest method on how to build a paper boat, floats great, holds weight, and moves really really fast.


 So you have decided not to watch the video on how to make a paper boat that floats, so now I will teach you in text how to, make the great paper boat, that can hold weight.

Okay So you already know what you need to make a paper boat.

1. take the 2x paper, lay beside tape together, and fold to make a canoe boat like shape, then tape.

2. Make sure there are no spaces, then you are ready to make the mast for your paper boat.

3. the mast for the boat, is made by rolling a peace of paper into a roll, tightly, taping, and cutting in half.

4. Now tape the mast to the bottom of the paper boat.

5.  to make the paper boat move, help it float, and hold weight you need a sail.

to make a sail tape a peace of cloth, or paper to the mast, now the boat will move / sail across the pond.

there you go you now know how to make a paper boat that floats, have fun.


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