How to make French Toast

Looking to make amazing tasting french toast? well I have a great recipe and guide, and I will teach you my method of making the worlds best french toast.

French toast is a delicious breakfast that almost everyone likes, and is reasonably cheap to make, one of the best complementary foods for french toast is bacon, In this guide I will be teaching you how to make french toast and bacon, you can skip the bacon part, but it makes it so much more delicious.

What you will need to make french toast:

1. Eggs ( you need at least 1 egg per slice of bread that you want to be french toast )

2. Milk ( I like to add a little milk to my french toast mix, you only need a small splash of milk )

3. Bread ( this is one of the most important parts of french toast, if you want to make a good french toast, you will need a good bread, choose a good fluffy bread for french toast )

4.  Cinnamon ( This is a taste preference, some people like cinnamon, some people don't, Ill let you decide ). 

5. Fresh strawberries, bananas, or another of your favorite fruits, many people like a side of fresh fruits or to have it all over there french toast, this is totally up to you.

Now you know if you have the right ingredients to start making this amazing french toast, lets begin.

First off start heating up a non stick pan on your stove top, we will be cooking the bacon first ( as I discussed bacon works with french toast great, and there is a little secret you will learn a little later on )

So place 3-5 strips of bacon on one side laying on the pan, then flip when browned, take off, and dry the grease with paper towel, once you are done making the bacon its time to work on making the french toast.

Now that you have fried the bacon, you will notice there is a lot of bacon grease in the bottom of the pan, now most people would tell you to through it out, but in my opinion that's a lot of flavor you could be adding to your french toast. ( leave it in the pan, if there is too much take out half )

Now lets make the batter for the french toast, crack 1 egg per 1 french toast you want, add 1tbs of milk per egg, and then add cinnamon if you want. about 1/4 tbs per 1 egg.

Next you want to soak your soon to be french toast ( Bread ) In the batter you have just made, then flip and soak the other side, now lay the french toast down on the pan ( a maximum of 3 per time ).

What you are looking for if you want the perfect french toast, is for them to slowly cook into a nice golden brown, once the french toast is golden brown on one side, I want you to flip it.  And wait for the same on the other side, once your french toast has completed cooking you want to de-grease it with some paper towel.

Now its time to top your french toast off with some great toppings, you can choose some of your favorite fruits, syrup, and even whip cream, all of thous things taste great with your newly made french toast, once you are complete, sit down, dig in, and enjoy the great french toast, that you just learned how to make.

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