How to make a Bow and Arrow

In this article I will teach you a simple but effective method to make a great bow and arrow, it may seem like a difficult task, but its very simple, I will teach you how, so weather your a kid looking to make something just to have fun with in the woods, or someone a little older looking for some target practice, with a bow, I will teach you how to make a great bow, and also how to make a arrow for your bow.

First things first, we need to gather / or buy the supplies necessary to make a good bow and arrow.

Heres a quick list of what you will need to make a bow and arrow:

1. A long ( to the length you want for your bow ) stick that can bend a good amount without breaking, to allow it to form the bow shape.

2.  A peace Of vine ( if you are gathering everything ) or a peace of bow string.

3. one straight stick that does not bend, in proportion to your bow, this is going to be the arrow.

once you have gathered all you need we can move onto step 2.

Making the Bow:

Take the stick that you have gathered / or bought to make the bow, and If it is not as bendable as we need, then soak it in water ( for at least half an hour ) then come back to this step, if it is already soaked or you have a stick that bends properly to make the bow, then you can work with this.

Now that the stick is prepares, you want to cut a small slight on the top and bottom of the bow on the same side, this is where the string to make the bow will sit.

Tie a knot around one of the slits at the end of the bow with your string or vine,and pull it down, forcing the bow to bend, and then tie it to the other end, once this is done your bow should be complete.  Pull the string back, as long as there is good resistance then the arrows from the bow should fly far.

One more thing you can do for your bow, its a good thing if you want to be a little more accurate with your arrows, is simply find the middle of the bow, and make a notch, this is where the arrow will sit, well you are pulling the string back to fire your bow and arrow.

How to make the arrow for your Bow:

To make a bow for your arrow is very simple, fast and easy.   What you want is you want to take your second shorter stick, and weigh down one end with either a rock, or an arrow head if you have picked one, how you can attach the rock is by drilling a hole down the middle the same width as your stick, this will allow for you to slide the stick in, with some glue inside the rock, and you will have created an arrow, but there is one more thing you can do for your arrow to fly out of the bow at a little better speed, and more straight.

Fine some bird feathers, ( 3 ) and glue them onto the other end of the stick at even separations, this will help it fly farther, and straighter, but it will also look nice.

Now you have a ready arrow, and you can go shoot your bow, enjoy.

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