How to make a paper airplane that flies far

This is a simple step by step guide on making yourself a great paper airplane, one that flies straight and far.

This is a well known paper airplane, widely used because of how easy this paper airplane is to make, and because of how well it flies.

here are a few things you will need to make this paper airplane:

1. to make a good paper airplane, you need one of the most obvious things... Paper , a good white paper will do fine, if you want to make a far flying airplane, make sure to use quality paper.

2. tape / scissors these are not necessary to make a paper airplane, but will not hurt if you want to make a few changes on your model of the plane, to make the airplane do tricks, stunts, and more.

If you want to just skip this, check out the video below, if not just skip by it and keep reading this guide.

How to make a paper airplane that flies far.

Once you have gathered all your supplies to make your paper airplane you are ready to begin.

First lay the paper down in-front of you so that it is shorter then it is wide.

(Please note during the process of making your paper airplane, if you are having trouble following the guide, please refer to the video, to see the process necessary, thanks.)

Now you want to fold the paper in half lengthwise.

then unfold the paper, and fold, ahh to heck with it you know what, its going to be way to hard to describe how to make a paper airplane, so why don't you just watch the video, it will be much easier, and allow you to make an airplane that flies much farther.

Its the way to make a easy paper airplane that flies far. so just watch the video, and I apologize if you where hoping for a word guide, its easier to make an airplane from the video.

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