How to make a smoke bomb easy

So your interested in making an easy homemade smoke bomb, something that wont be too dangerous but still fun to use? well I got the perfect smoke bomb for you, and its easy to make, I will teach you how.

Just quickly before we get started let me go over one thing about smoke bombs with you, you need to check your local laws, and or talk to your parents, to see if it is legal to make a smoke bomb in your area.  Some placed consider smoke bombs to be fire hazards, so you may not be aloud to make a smoke bomb, but if you life in the countryside, it is very likely you will be aloud to make a great smoke bomb, with my guide that will teach you the easiest way to make a homemade smoke bomb, now that we have this clear, lets move on to how to make a smoke bomb.

Lets Start Out with what you will need to make this smoke bomb:
there are many methods to making a smoke bomb, but in my method you will neeed;

1. PAPER      3. dried leafs                        5.  Tape / non toxic.

2. Gas            4.  Dead Grass Clippings

Once you have gathered your ingredients, you are ready to learn how to make this smoke bomb, it is really quite easy.

How To Make The Smoke Bomb:

So you want to start out by laying your paper flat, once you have done that you will need to lay the grass clippings / dried leaves onto the paper, you want just enough so when you wrap the paper around them, it can close, but not easily.  Once you have placed down the stuff I said, you want to poor about 1/4 cup gas onto the whole substance, this will allow the smoke bomb to light much easier.   Next you want to fold the paper up so there are no openings, then tape so it does not fall apart.

How To Make a Handle For Your Smoke Bomb:
If you are not interested in making a handle for your smoke bomb, please skip this step.

So now that you have created an amazing smoke bomb, your ready to set it off, but you want a good handle for your smoke bomb, to help you throw it away, and I will teach you how to do this easily.

One of the easiest methods to make a good simple handle for your smoke bomb, is roll up a peace of paper the shorter way, as tight as you can.  Then tape the rolled up paper ( the handle ) to your smoke bomb, this will create something you can easily grab, and allow you to easily throw the smoke bomb.

Setting Off the Smoke Bomb Safely:

So here we are ready for the best part of making a smoke bomb, setting it off and seeing our master peace go to work, im going to teach you how you can set your smoke bomb off easily, fast, and well safely.

First off you want to find the right place to set off your smoke bomb, now here is what the right place means, a hard surface, that is not flammable, not near anyone, and where it is legal.

Now you found the right place to set off your smoke bomb so lets do it.

Take a match or lighter place it to the edge of the smoke bomb, the smoke bomb will ignite immediately  (thank to the gas),  and you will then want to throw the smoke bomb as far away from you as possible, or drop it and run.

Your smoke bomb wont explode, but the smoke from it is not exactly healthy to breathe in.

So there you go you just learned how to make a smoke bomb, easy.

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